15 point 1 minutes of fame

Guess who is trying to make a comeback (again)??

It’s Mr Iceman himself – Vanilla Ice.

But this time he’s disturbing the grounds of North, Central and South NSW coastal areas with his one hit wonder – Ice Ice Baby. It’s everyone’s closet favourite which you sing to yourself in the car or dance on the dancefloor while drunk at a wedding.

Vanilla Ice plays
* Newcastle’s King Street Hotel on Dec 28
* Plantation Hotel, Coffs Harbour on Dec 29
* Wollongong’s North Gong Hotel
* Sydney’s Beach Palace Hotel on Dec 31

So much for the Entertainment Centre or Acer Arena. Maybe if he brings his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle buddies along, it’ll entice more to come.

For the hell of it – here’s Jim Carrey’s parody.



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