It's Good News Week!!!


Quote from media release:

EVERYTHING old is new again in TV land with Channel Ten dusting off Good News Week for another innings starting in February.

Former host Paul McDermott is back at the helm directing the weekly news traffic, just as he did during the heyday of the ’90s satire hit.

The one-time member of The Doug Anthony Allstars told Qconfidential the time is ripe for the return of GNW.

“I think most of the ideas and games we had originally are still going to hold true,” Paul said. “We’ll add some new pieces as we go along . . . one of the joys of the shows is that it was constantly evolving.”

The original GNW screened on the ABC before defecting to Ten – where it was shelved in late 2000 – with team leaders Julie McCrossin and Mikey Robbins and regular guests Natasha Stott Despoja, Adam Spencer, Amanda Vanstone and Rove McManus. And who can forget Bronwyn Bishop, who was a big no-show after doing a runner from the make-up chair.

“We’ve been talking about some of the show regulars and many want to come back but there’s a whole new crop of comedians and performers who haven’t had the opportunity,” Paul explained.

And here’s some stuff to refresh your memory.



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