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After spending a few sleepless nights working on the “Thrilled” project, I thought I would share something with you – if you wish to read.

First of all – this is not a biased thought. I’ve never been a hardcore Michael Jackson fan. I do enjoy some of his songs. My first taste of MJ music was when the Dangerous album came out in 1991, when I was in year 4 Primary school. MJ’s music clips were cutting edge visually stunning. Black Or White was Number 1 on the charts and was mind-blowing.

I grew out of MJ pretty quickly by being exposed to the whole grunge era. My older brother was a huge influence, and MJ became uncool with my group of friends. Other songs he released didn’t exactly become a hit but still made headlines, such as Ghosts, Blood On The Dance Floor, his duet with sis Janet – Scream, a very political They Don’t Really Care About Us… the list goes on.

If you step way back in time, he was the stand-out in the Jackson 5, having a successful career during the disco to 80s pop era. His trademark dancing styles are known instantly and are still amazing every time you see footage of it. Especially concert performances, TV specials, and hardcore fans making their own “How To” videos. This video is my favourite “How To”, as I’m being taught by a 10 year old how to dance, and the risks of breaking my toe during the ‘snap’ action. Shamefully – I admit to trying to do it in the lounge room with my socks on. Chicks dig it haha. Don’t forget the impersonators who have dedicated their lives treasuring his work, and the ability to merge the dance routines into everyday lives, such as weddings and the odd prison.

Then you have the lawsuits and bad rep stories about bankruptcy, court cases of child molestation, and racial comments which really haven’t shown MJ in a good light. Mould all these things together, but you still love the guy. Why is that?

Michael Jackson has such a huge fan base that can equal Elvis Presley, and as all the bad coverage he has received, the good stuff he’s done outshines it all. He’s an entertainer.




To some he’s a god, but that’s just called obsession. Even if you hate the guy with a passion, there is always one of his songs which you secretly love.

What about this song?
Or this?
Maybe this one?
No? How about this?
Did you lose your virginity to this?
Were you blown away by the music clip with this?
Do you like this one because it was on the Simpsons? (technically this was sung by an impersonator)
Or this one because Weird Al Yankovic made a great parody?

No matter which way you look at it, Michael Jackson has been apart of everyone’s life, whether you like it or not. If you try and destroy the guy, you have a minimum 10 000 fans hunt for your blood.

He’s invincible.




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  1. That is so true to the very end. Michael Jackson will ALWAYS be the King of Pop – no matter who comes on stage after him.

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