Russian mafia love you long time eh?

Just when you think there’s not enough idiotic and gullible people out there… “I like money”..

It appears that some British men are that lonely and desperate, they get caught up with e-mails from ‘too good to be true’ beautiful russian nymphomaniac single women who want to leave their ever-so-popular hometown of Kraplakistan and set up home in geezerworld.

When they decide to tag their mail-order bride and get her home delivered, guess what they find stuffed in the mailbox?

My god – there’s something different about you than what you sent in your picture… that’s it! Your eye lashes are thicker!

Now the Russian police have caught the Russian mafia behind this 50 million pound a year scam and will punish them by whipping their bot-bots.

More attractive Russian women here.




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