Step outside the TV square you live in

Here’s an idea for you.

Scenario: You’re at home. Bored shitless. You’ve watched all your DVDs or there’s nothing in your collection that appeals to you at this present time. You have a small mount of money – not enough to buy a new DVD though. What do you do?

Answer: Head down to your local video store, and go to your TV on DVD section. Now cast yourself back to a time in your life where there was a TV show that was all hyped up when the first broadcast happened, but you were too young to watch it and understand the storyline. Once you’ve figured that out, hire the first season.

In this case, this happened to me on the weekend. I wondered around the TV section at my local Blockbuster Video and I noticed “Twin Peaks” which I’ve NEVER seen before. All I remember is that it was very hyped and critically acclaimed when it was first broadcasted in 1990, but I was too young to understand the show. So I bit the bullet and hired out the first 2 discs of the 1st season, just incase I didn’t like it. I got home, sat down and watched the first two episodes, and loved it! Now I’m 1/2 way through the 2nd season and really addicted to the show. Pity it only lasted 2 seasons and a movie.

If you get stuck for choice, I recommend you watching Deadwood, Rome, Dexter, or even picking up The Sopranos from Season 1.

Give it a shot.

FYI – I don’t watch Lost, Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, etc… too overhyped.




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