Music wonders or tragedies

The conversation of “what song that is considered terrible by todays standards but I’m proud to admit I still like it” comes up a fair bit at my work (which reeks of irony and hypocrisy at the same time), has prompted me – the blogger – to put together a neverending list of songs which I can freely admit I have either:

* On CD
* On mp3

So get these into you.

Mel & Kim – Respectable

Unfortunate that Mel had passed away in 1990, take a close look at the free-flowing breasts that bounce amazingly infront of you. Must love 1987 fashion.

Cut’N’Move – Give It Up

It’s amazing what you can do with a white/blue screen and a fancy animated flower border to make it look like you paid more than $200 for someone to toggle the on/off switch in the studio. Gotta love the Dutch. Plus – what’s the go with the ‘silent’ 2nd girl? Probably thinking about how KC and the Sunshine Band would be pissed off.

AB Logic – The Hitman

1993 is the era where.. actually..

I’ve got nothing. It’s just freakin’ catchy.

Twenty 4 Seven – Slave To The Music

Again with the Dutch! Can’t get enough of the denim.. hmm denim.

Last but not least –

Grandmaster Chicken & D.J. Duck – Check Out The Chicken

I quote:
“…Gotta wiggle when you walk, gotta giggle when you talk…”

Say no more??

You got some?




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