Australian Ad-trip

With The Gruen Transfer back on TV, I thought I might dig into the past and reveal some of these treasures.

Cue Wayne’s World doolooloo… doolooloo… doolooloo..

Where, where, where would you be without Brut 33?

What’s Your Favourite Pascall Jellybeans?

Would you like to win the Big One now?

Do The Right Thiiiiing. Do The Right Thiiiing.

Pizza Hut – lunch time works $5.95 with Kellie Hoggart (before Hi-5)

I’ll always remember my first Magnum.

Tia Maria – golden brown

Uncle Pete’s Toys are magic!

We are the boys from Alcan, and what can we do for you?

Life – Be In It yeah!

Lifesavers – Get a whole more out of life.




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