Mashups under construction

For the people who enjoy visiting my mashups page, I’ve temporarily pulled it down. I’m presently trying to clean up the site and layout a little, as well as redo a bunch of videos. Youtube is just useless to host them.

So just to get a taste of what’s to come, here’s some videos I’ve redone.

Eminem vs Rob Dougan – Clubbed Without Me

Bloc Party vs Tube & Berger – Banquet Ahead

Jet vs Kaiser Chiefs – Rip It Up Less and Less

Grinspoon vs Shaggy – Boombastic Heart

Let’s see how long they’ll last online.



Owner and Operator of Wireless Fodder. Lover of Australian pop culture, comedy, and obscurities. Works in Australian media, enjoys a beer or three. Happily married to an American.

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