Scrubs renewed for 9th Season

‘Tis happening chocolate bear!

The finale of Scrubs was played in the US last week as a 1 hour special, with J.D. finding out the Janitor’s ‘real’ name, and taking up a new position at another hospital.

Now Scrubs has been renewed for a 9th season, with Zach Braff making guest appearances for 6 episodes to ease the transition for the rest of the cast, and new interns.

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Now let’s reminise over the girl names Dr Cox has called JD.




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One thought on “Scrubs renewed for 9th Season”

  1. My favourite Dr.Cox spin on the girls names has to be the “Tiffany Amber THEEEEEEEEISEN!” special.

    As I said on CC and on my own blog – mixed emotions.

    I can’t see how it can compare to the quality of Season 8 and if ABC picked it up due to ratings then if the show is devoid of quality every week (not helped by a shift in cast – and the J.D. emotional centrepiece of the show) then the ratings will drop off… and ABC will cancel it after the 9th season…

    which has me annoyed because I don’t think they could have done a better job with the Season 8 finale and while more Scrubs isn’t a bad thing – it feels too much like its being done as a favour to ABC for picking them up for Season 8…


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