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Hey Hey It’s Saturday – The Reunion

After 10 years worth of commercial breaks, it’s back! (kinda)

And what a show it was!

A few speed humps along the way, such as

  • Naturally being panned by critics from all media to bloggers
  • Being placed against Celebrity Masterchef, Spicks & Specks, and Hungry Beast
  • Being shown on a Wednesday, instead of the traditional Saturday
  • 1/4 of the original talent were on rival channels
  • Stories of favourites Jackie McDonald, Ozzie Ostrich maybe/maybe not appearing
  • The show being past its used-by-date

… it may not have happened.

As soon as the red curtain opened up… TADA!

Since it’s been 10 years, everyone looks a little more mature than previously. But the maturity didn’t make them totally old school. Host Daryl Somers encouraged e-mailing in stories, Facebooking, Twittering with #HeyHey as the hash tag (which within 15 minutes, became the most trending topic in the world. People outside of Australia were stupidly wondering what #HeyHey was about) and even advertising an illegal live stream someone had set up, so Australians overseas could stream the show.

Classic Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes began the show with a song from his newest album, performing with most of the original Hey Hey Band, with Jimmy’s son David Campbell surprising the audience by joining in for a duet.

In traditional Hey Hey form, Jimmy was presented with a plaque of his album, with Michael Gudinski and his froggy voice (which wasn’t far off from his normal voice) presenting Daryl a plaque for all the years of supporting Australian musicians.

After Barnesy’s energetic performance, the first game Celebrity Head had the dust wiped off with Wilbur, Camilla Jackson, and Akmal playing.

Some people don’t know whom Camilla is, but she has a familiar face, other than being quite attractive, here’s the reason.

Hey Hey favourite The Amazing Johnathan appeared – in the dressing room. Daryl did a cross to him, however I smell pre-record as some questions were asked and the timing from Daryl didn’t sound too smooth enough. However, it was highly entertaining and very funny. After crossing to a lady viewer who was watching the show via the live stream, Daryl then promotes the Facebook fan page which helped contribute to the reunion specials, and gives credit to Corinne, a fan who created the group and fan pages. Daryl also gloated about the 200 000 + fans, trying to win the TV Execs over.

After appearances and jokes from Russell, Plucka and Dickie, Eskimo Joe perform, just like every band performing in the studio. After the performance, Russell’s parody of MasterChef (titled DisasterChef) was on. The timing was on purpose, as Celebrity MasterChef was on at the same time on Channel 10. After more Amazing Johnathan and musical renditions from pianist Peter McCutchen (spelling?), Molly Meldrum dragged out his classic music segment – Molly’s Melodrama – bringing his shitzu dog out to play with Dickie Knee. Schenanigans ensued.

Red Faces with 4 acts were brought out next, with David Campbell, Cassie Davis and Red Symonds being the judges. Usually it’s 3 acts, but because it’s a special… who knows if they return??

The Red Faces acts were as they should be – funny, entertaining, and dodgy. The Vegemite Kid was quite disturbing, with the boy rubbing Vegemite all over himself, treating it like a lotion. No really…

A couple of gongs later, and it was time for the Great Aussie Joke.

And what a segment that was…

Marty Fields reunited with the late great Maurie Fields, superimposed. It was a very heartwarming tribute that easily warmed the audience with a beautiful “awwwwweee”.

Afterwards, Acapella group The Idea Of North performed, and after many false starts on trying to cross live to John Farnham at the QPAC, it’s finally achieved – with slight delay. After a few minutes of dialogue, Farnsie continues his concert with “That’s Freedom”. After Farnham’s powerful performance, old favourite Raymond J Bartholomew comes out of the woodworks to say hello to one and all, and is reunited with Matt Healey, who was the Mini-Ray, now 21 year old bodybuilder.

Raymond appeared originally on Red Faces, in this classic poetic performance.

Plucka Duck was brought out next, with a member of the studio audience playing. He ended up getting the BBQ Eater on the wheel, took the 2nd chance draw of Pluck A Duck, and in true Hey Hey fashion, picked the duck with the BBQ Eater again! He was then given another chance and scored a crappy prize of bed and quilt covers.

Magic Word was brought out from the bottom of the draw, where the contestant was given a word (in this case, the word was YAFFLE ) and had to guess out of 3 options, what the word meant. He got it wrong, but still won the pack of CDs.

Running seriously overtime, (it was meant to finish at 10pm) Cassie Davis performed her pop song with tremendous energy.

Now running 18 minutes overtime, Daryl wrapped up the show with plugs for next week’s show, such as Trevor Marmalade, Ossie Ostrich, Denise Drysdale, Harry Connick Jr, Penne Dennison, Jo Beth Taylor, and maybe Jackie MacDonald.

Whatever way you look at it, Hey Hey It’s Saturday was part of everyones’ lives – love it or hate it. The show was fantastic and refreshing (especially since it would’ve been 2 & 1/2 Men). I look forward to next week’s show.


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5 thoughts on “Hey Hey It’s Saturday – The Reunion”

  1. I never thought I'd find myself looking back nostalgically on the late 80's to late 90's when I watched HHIS, but for me, watching the reunion specials was a fond trip down memory lane.

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  3. i have been a fan of hey hey for a long time as im now 54 and have enjoyed watching and laughing just like old times love plucka as i went to one of your shows with my friend and daughter we had our tshirts on with we love plucka on them we do hope the show returns its great having something that entertaining to watch on a saturday night keep going please regards anne from daisy hill vic,

  4. I tried so hard to watch it. I really did. So it became a night of channel flicking for me. I chopped and changed between Masterchef then Spicks and Specks and Hungry Beast.
    The reason for this was not the show itself but only one element. Red Faces was great the Vegemite Kid has hysterical, Molly being taunted by Dickie Knee was brought a tear to my eye and many more.
    It was every time that Daryl opened his mouth was those moments I flicked back to 10 or ABC. He was just too painful. It brought it all back. The soul reason why I stopped watching it back in the day.

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