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Review: Regurgitator – Rock Show

Alternative-Electro-Rock group Regurgitator are always breaking new grounds when they record a new album or do a performance.

Tu-Plang (1996) was in a jungle outside Bangkock
Unit (1997) in a condemned Fortitude Valley warehouse
…art (1999) in a Byron Bay beach house
Eduardo & Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks (2001) in Andy Gill’s London lounge-room
MishMash (2004) in a purposely built glass wall studio in the middle of Federation Square for a Foxtel reality show ‘Band In A Bubble’
Love and Paranoia (2007) in a shot-down studio in Rio de Janeiro

…. rebellious sons of bitches.

The Rock Show is no ordinary concert. As part of Queensland’s Q150 celebrations, Choreographer Gavin Webber was approached by event organisers to throw together a new dance-music work spectacular. This is what popped into Webber’s head.

A 1 & 1/2 hour rock performance with amazing dancing routines, gelled together with signature songs from Regurgitator’s back catalogue, all laid out to tell different rock legend stories.

The taboos of rock stars losing it in motel rooms, sex tapes leaked, alcohol and drug overdoses, dealing with the price of fame, eating disorders and more are covered. With each performer telling their own tragic story, with the accompaniment of Regurgitator’s fine rock melodies in the background to set the scenes, it’s as if their songs Track 1, Hullabaloo, Pop Porn, ! (The Song Formerly Known As) and more, come to life in wonderful choreography and artistic performances (such as one of the dancers humming and Quan pushing her back with the beat of the song).

The audience interactivity is there, with the 4th wall constantly broken and encouraging audience members to join in. Midway through the show, the cast hopped off stage and grabbed people from the audience to come down to the front and mosh their way through songs. Just when it was nearly over, the interaction begins again when encouragement to hop on the stage was a necessity, rocking out one on one with the band themselves. No holds barred – no beg-your-pardons.

The fantastic lighting display as well as convincing performances made you feel whisked away into a rocking dreamland, where you thought it only existed in video clips. Never, have I experienced such an amazing show where you actually feel like you’re part of the stage crew.

If they take the show on tour, I suggest you go. If you don’t – you won’t know what you’re missing out on. This isn’t just a concert, it’s concert theatre. It is – The Rock Show.



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  1. Maybe this will tell people about the dangers of drugs. More and more people are becoming addicted to or dying from prescription drugs than illegal drugs.


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