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Review: Skipping Girl Vinegar

Love your indie?
Love your pop?
Love your music?
Love your Aussie talent?

If you answered NO to any of the above, you’re a fool. (I’m not trying to insult you, I’m just telling it like it is!)

Forget your disposable pop artists who charge over $100 to see them mime or lip-sync to their music. Get some raw and fresh talent into your bloodstream.

The Melbourne quad group Skipping Girl Vinegar have released an energetic new single – “Sinking” (their 3rd single), which is damn catchy.

Channeling and harnessing the musical passion that could easily make other indie-pop bands green with envy, Rage even made “Sinking” video ‘Clip of the Week’.

With addictive pop tunes, organs-ahoy, SGV gives you the feel of indie bands from the 90s. Back when music was refreshingly cool. (Well, it for me it did anyway!) If you’re floating around in Melbourne or Sydney, check out the venues they’re at.

• Wednesday nights @ The Northcote Social Club (18th & 25th) – Melbourne

• Thursday nights @ RAVAL (upstairs at Macquarie Hotel ) (19th) – Sydney

You’ll have an awesome night out. Take your friends, your partner, your soul, and laugh at the silly people who spent too much money elsewhere.




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