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Review: Avatar

What do you get when you give Terminator 2 & Titanic Director James Cameron $350 million (plus $150m for advertising)? You get this fantastic epic.

WARNING: Potential Spoilers.

For Cameron, this movie has been around 12 years in the making, and you can see why. Based around 150 years in the future, Australian Actor Sam Worthington stars as our hero who is called in to replace his soldier brother, who was killed in the line of action. Corporate greed dominates the universe, and sees the human race travelling to different planets for mining resources. Where the storyline sends us, is a humble, peaceful planet that has rock which is worth over $20 million a kilo. However, an alien race lives on top of the richest plantation and refuse to budge. But the shareholders won’t take no for an answer and are ready for an all-out-war.

This is where the Avatar comes in. Scientists have created replicas of the blue creatures, which are physically alien, but have the mind of a human. The only way to operate the ‘Avatar‘ is to tap into the mind, which in the film reminds me of The Matrix. Once connected in, you can see and feel everything your Avatar does, and blend in with the actual alien colony.

The visual effects are absolutely stunning and are second to none. I think Cameron has invented a new colour palette as the forest scenes are washed with every colour you can think of. Film technology has come a long way, so much, that occasionally I couldn’t tell what was CGI and what was real.
Sam Worthington has given the world a “who’s this guy?” impression with Terminator: Salvation. Avatar will make him a household name. With a decent run time of around 2 hours 30 minutes, I stress that you see this in 3D. You’ll be wasting your time if you see it any other way.

It nearly lost a point because of a song on the end credits. James Cameron – if I discover that song was by Celine Dion, you’ll lose a point.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]




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