Girt, soil, toil

Today (26 January) is/was Australia Day. The day where all average Aussies hit the pub for a schooner of VB or XXXX, or hit the BBQ with a steak, shrimp, prawn, and wash it down with a keg of VB or XXXX. Noticed how I haven’t mentioned Fosters? Overseas – you can keep that stuff.

Let me help celebrate by tantalising your musical tastes with some true-blue Aussie Musicians that make us proud.

Max Sharam – Coma

Frente – Accidentally Kelly Street

Indecent Obsession – Say Goodbye

Peter Andre – Funky Junky

Rai – Give A Smile To The Planet (The amusing thing with Rai, is that this is the lead singer of Thirsty Merc, in his youthful days.)

Teen Queens – be My Baby (spot Kellie Hoggart aka Kellie from Hi-5 and Pizza Hut ads)

If you haven’t spotted the sarcasm by now, you’ve been in the sun for too long.



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