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The Brisbane Comedy Festival is currently on at the moment with some big name acts: Adam Hills, Hannah Gadsby, Greg Sullivan, Josh Thomas, Frank Woodley, Wil Anderson, Frank Woodley and more. The name that stood out for me though was Kitty Flanagan.

One thing is I’ve had a crush on Kitty since her appearance in Full Frontal around 1995. I’ve tried to see her stand up for years, but the shows were either sold out, or I couldn’t be present. This time, however, I booked over a month in advance.

Arriving at the Brisbane Powerhouse, the turn out was quite substantial. There were 2 other performances on the same night – Adam Hills and Hannah Gadsby. The Visy Theatre was a medium room and was sold out. I turned up an hour beforehand and soaked up the atmosphere, waiting for Kitty’s show “Charming and Alarming” to begin. 7:30pm ticks over and we’re in the door.

Performing to a full house, Kitty was introduced by her sister Penny Flanagan, playing guitar. After the intro, Kitty walked out on stage and did her extremely funny routine. There wasn’t a full 10 seconds where there wasn’t a laugh. There was a natural chemistry with the audience, observing the room and making eye contact with nearly everyone, making a connection that made you feel like she’s known you for years. The session went overtime, lasting around 1 hour and 15 minutes, ending with a song with her sister, singing about ‘Underwear Alzheimer’s’ with the Generation Y female cume being the target, called “Show The World”.

Before the show started, the festival volunteers were promoting “The Chalkboard”. This was a late night show that’s operated on Fridays and Saturdays, where you find out on the day itself who is performing. I was in luck – Kitty was on the list. Parting with a $10 bargain price, I turned up for the show afterwards, expecting the same material I just heard. It was all new – with the song performed again for the audience who didn’t see her before.

A terrific night was had, especially for myself as I finally met my crush since high school, and I had crashed my car earlier in the day. Kitty took my mind off it.

Kitty has finished her shows at the festival, but there are still other big performers yet to do their shows, with tickets still available. Check them out here.

And now – some various clips of her show appearances!

Full Frontal – Australian National Nightly Network News.

Micallef Program – Nightmares Can Come True

Kitty & Penny Flanagan – Show The World




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