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Review: Mark Bono (duo)


Mark Bono (duo)
Mark Bono (duo) at the Music Kafe

Musician Mark Bono is quite the popular boy in Brisbane. You may not know him as well as just plain Mark Bono, but part of the popular party band Angry Dwarf.

After Angry Dwarf broke up sometime in 2009, Mark began to persue other musical interests, mainly solo. This time, he’s performing with his brother at West End’s The Music Kafe – under the name Mark Bono (duo).

With a comfortable crowd turn out and $3 burritos on Tuesday nights with any drink purchase, Mark was set up on stage as his two man band, blasting his delicious tunes through West End.

The 80 minute session (with intermission where he interacted with the audience) delighted the ears of burrito and beer loving patrons, with original songs “Otherside” and “Breaking Off The Chains” making your tap feet while sitting in the comfortable pleather lounges.

Yes, pleather.

I think… it felt like pleather to me.

At one point, Mark turned to the audience for some musical interactivity, trying to convince one of the female patrons to perform the tambourine in one of his songs. Sadly, she declined, afraid of her recently purchased red shoes may upstage the talent. (There’s no place like home…)

Mark Bono strumming away

As the night drew to a close, Mark thanked the audience, with a pleasant applause. With the beer polished off, burritos were all eaten Рeveryone went home with a full stomach, with Mark Bono (duo) as the main course for a comfortable evening.

Pretty awesome for a free entry gig. Did I mention that?

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