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Skipping Girl Vinegar skips again

Skipping Girl VinegarEnergetic Aussie indie group Skipping Girl Vinegar are up and around (or skipping… more or less) doing more performances than you can poke a stick at.

This time, it’s to deliver a new delicious hit – One Long Week.

After doing the rounds in Nashville early 2009, SGV managed to make time and went back to Nashville early this year to churn out this catchy tune. Mixed by Brad Jones (who also worked with Josh Rouse and Bob Evans), One Long Week  is one of those songs where you would throw onto your mp3 player and motivate yourself to clean the house, or travelling down the motorway in the car, making it quicker to get to your destination without speeding.

Well, that’s what I did anyway…

To check them out live, they’re hitting Sydney, Canberra, and various parts of Melbourne over February and March. Buy tickets at OzTix or Skipping Girl Vinegar’s site.



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