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April Uprising

It’s been three years since John Butler Trio‘s previous outing Grand National. Their hit singles from that album still get constant national radio airplay. The newest album April Uprising shows that John Butler Trio have stuck to their roots (no pun intended) and added more ‘oomph’ to their songs.

John Butler Trio put in a heap of effort compiling this album, and it shows.. You should be already familiar with the chart topping hit One Way Road, which was released late last year. Its funky rock rhythms represent what you’ll expect from April Uprising. To raise the bar even further, the second single Close To You explodes where you could easily tap your feet without realising it. This has easily become my favourite track on the album. *cue cowbell tap*. If  you’re after something more faster paced and energetic, I suggest To Look Like You, while Gonna Be A Long Time will take you back to Good Excuse – a light and fluffy, but pleasant tune that’ll put a smile on your face. With 15 tracks, April Uprising is a bloody cool album which gets my seal of approval.

If you want to expand your tastes, this is a definite album to have in your collection. If you purchase the CD, you’ll receive a handy little red booklet (not the album cover – an actual palm sized booklet) with lyrics, which makes you feel like it’s worth the effort. Great artwork can’t be respected unless you by the physical CD!

April Uprising is out now (officially released April 26) and on iTunes.

Check out their official site for tours and other cool stuff. Sign up to their mailing list to get free exclusive tunes too!

Take a look at how John Butler Trio put the album together.




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