Shows you SHOULD be watching

There’s a lot of crap out there that’s diluting the program guides. From reality shows that are competition and celebrity based, to the upteenth cop show spin-off (CSI/Law & Order). Due to this, some other shows are that awesome, they only get a small cult following, or get axed because they don’t rate well because of American Idol is being shown. Here’s a list you should be watching, or at least own the DVDs of.

Arrested Development

This extremely funny, award winning, highly acclaimed series only lasted 3 seasons. This was because it didn’t get a stable audience and FOX were impatient, bumping the timeslot around. Rotating around a very dysfunctional family that just quite seem to get it right, it was a show which had ongoing jokes and numerous story arcs that all weaved within each other. Plus it had a killer cast which now have a strong fan base, if they didn’t have one already (Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Portia De Rossi).

Modern Family

This new show is possibly what soothes the knife wounds that FOX left behind with Arrested Development. Another dysfunctional family that falls apart, but love each other enough to keep things going right through until the end. 60 year old Jay (Ed O’Neill) remarries to Gloria,  attractive Colombian woman 20 years his junior (Sofia Vergara) who has a 11 yr old son Manny, to a previous marriage. Also from the first marriage is a daughter Claire, (Julie Bowen) who is married to a guy who is a kid at heart, Phil, and have 3 children. Also, there’s the gay brother Mitchell, with long term partner Cameron, who adopt a Viet baby. Filmed with a singular camera mockumentary style shot, you can’t help but feel you’re eavesdropping.


What do you get when you cross the suave of James Bond, action of Jason Bourne, and  the attitude Jay from Jay & Silent Bob? Sterling Archer – master Secret Agent of ISIS. With toilet humour by the fucket… er… bucket load, this highly unpredictable animated series will have you in stitches laughing. There are already 3 cast members from Arrested Development in it (Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor, Judy Greer), who turn up the smut so much, you’d think occasionally that it might end up being a porno.

That should get you started.




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