Hitler's Downfall on Youtube

Youtube has finally caved in to copyright demands and have started to remove the Hitler spoofs of the movie Downfall.

The 2004 film, owned and distributed by Constantin Films, is about the last days of Adolf Hitler in his bunker. The scene that has been used in parodies on Youtube is a scene where Hitler has realised he is losing the war, launching a scathing attack on his team.

The parodies made by everyday people, insert their own subtitles over the german audio, breathing new life into the scene. Some topics have covered Hillary Clinton’s loss to Barack Obama, Hitler being banned from World of Warcraft, his army forgetting his birthday… the list goes on.

This could become costly to Constantin Films. Oliver Hirschbiegel, the film’s Director, has expressed his positive attitude towards the satire clips. However, with Constantin Films reacting this way, it could result in negative feedback in the way the publicity is held. Nestle’s reaction to the Kit-Kat spoof made by Greenpeace in protest to palm oil was handled badly, with threats of boycotting.

If I link any of the clips, I’m sure they’ll expire soon enough, so click here to see what is still around.

No doubt, as the internet is quite large, the videos will appear elsewhere within seconds.




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