"So totes breaking up rite now !!11!111! "

The way we communicate these days is phenomenal. Gone are the days of confronting each other face to face, over coffee, or standing at the door, departing the ex-loved one.

As I woke up this morning, prepared my morning coffee and booted up my computer to read the daily crap that churns through the interwebs,  I ‘witnessed’ (as well as about 800 000 of others) was my first Hollywood celebrity break up. Not in person, or the gossip pages, but directly from Twitter. Usually I’d avoid those things, but these two people, I am fans of. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have called it off after 5 years of a funny relationship.

Whatever the reason was, they deserve their privacy. Kudos to them for announcing it on Twitter, but could this narrow down the amount of work  publicity people could do for people in the spotlight?

Twitter has become the revolutionary way of contact with random strangers, with the safety of hiding behind the monitor or your phone. It is also a quick way of obtaining news and gossip directly from the source, before it’s filtered through layers of media. I’d say that whoever their pubicists are, is probably fuming because they’re not getting their hard earned coin, or not being able to put a spin on the story a la Womans Day / New Idea.

Kudos to the two of them – but now you feel a little bit closer to them as they personally shared information with you…



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