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As part of the Queensland Week celebrations, the Queensland Government held the Comedy Fix debate in Suncorp Piazza in South Bank, Brisbane. With free entry, family atmosphere, and terrific scenery, the event was hosted by Guinness World Record holder and comedian Lindsay Webb.

The stage was set, and the pre-events started at 6pm. Lindsay warmed up the crowd, then Premier Anna Bligh walked to the stage down the red carpet to do the presentation speech. Shortly after, Josh Thomas and Claire Hooper did their stand-up routine. Mind you, hesitation was there because the stage acts had to be ‘family friendly’.

Then, the debate was on.

Topic: This year Queensland will turn 151 years old. Is getting older a good thing?

Affirmative (Getting Older Is Good):
1) Liz Skitch
2) Melinda Buttle
3) Josh Thomas

Negative (Younger Is Better):
1) Dave Eastgate
2) Emily-Jade O’Keeffe
3) Claire Hooper

Round One

Liz Skitch began her take on getting older by announcing she was a 30 year old baby, and did it in song with her trademark accordian. Her natural high-pitched voice raised some warm laughs and charmed the crowd over.

Dave Eastgate was up next to attack Skitch’s comments, with his own song – being the Granddaddy Rap. Instead of an accordian, he cranked out the acoustic guitar and dressed up like an aging rocker who refuses to get old. Also, bags out Josh’s appearance and previous jokes in his warm-up before the show.

Round Two

Melinda Buttle boasted on how important it was to become older, to do more grown up adult stuff, and to shed the light off being too young and being typecast. This is while wearing her cardigan clothing (which actually suits her style)

Emily-Jade O’Keeffe announced that she was nervous (she was quite petrified) and how while she’s getting older, the world around her is getting younger and wants that young life again – afraid of menopause in the graceful ages. All part of the 7 signs of aging.

Round Three

Josh Thomas answers back to Dave’s remarks, and comments on the differences between how cool it is getting old, then staying young. Also throws in the odd penis joke. The fan girls in the audience scream.

Claire Hooper pretty much claims the debate won by them, with a summary of all the arguments rolled into one, then also adds more to the 7 signs of aging, turning them into 21 signs of aging.

After everyone has their say, Lindsay asks to crowd who has won. The Negative wins with more cheers. Emily-Jade and Claire celebrate by throwing their chairs off the stage tot he side, breaking one of them in the process.

At the end of the night – everyone is happy!



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