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Cameos Galore

The magic of music videos is what to associate with the clip. It also varies on the budget.
The Bedroom Philosopher, (birth name Justin Heazlewood) has done a really awesome video to his new single Northcote (So Hungover).
As well as enjoying this awesome song, try and spot the appearances of Tim Rogers (You Am I), DC Root (Root!), Angie Hart (Frente), Kram (Spiderbait), Josh Earl, Hannah Fox and more.

Don’t forget to buy the single and check out any latest gigs at his website.

While on the topic of cameos, here’s a couple of classics which you may recognise “oh, I know them!”

Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters
Other than stating the obvious talent of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd & Co, check out head-poppers Chevy Chase and other well known comedians from the 80s.

Moby – We Are All Made Of Stars
Moby gathered a few friends from B and C grade Hollywood, and threw them into his video. Some careers were resurrected – some weren’t.

Click Moby’s head to see the video, and start counting!



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