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Just when you’ve saved up all your hard earned coin to purchase a box set of you favourite TV show onto DVD, a few months or a few years later, they re-release it, at double the price. But you often wonder, what is the difference between the original issued DVD set you got in the first place, compared to what’s been released now or in the near future?

I’m not picking on one TV show, but I’ve seen this happen many times to highly popular shows which cover most generations. A prized example is John Cleese’s Fawlty Towers.

The terrific  12 episode, 2 season show is a highly rated and regarded BBC show which is shown all around the world. Being a vivid DVD collector, I get extremely exhausted from seeing the studios trying to drain every single last cent out of something which most people are happy with the original purchase. Or even, when re-released, I wonder “Why didn’t you do that in the first place?”

There’s the Complete Fawlty Towers box set. This contains all 12 episodes of the show, plus added extras: commentary, outtakes, photos, interviews etc. The usual extra stuff.

But if you don’t want all 12 episodes, how about you purchase the series in 4 different volumes? 4 separate DVDs. Each DVD has 3 episodes on each. However, there’s no extra features.

If that doesn’t float your boat because the picture is all grainy and won’t look good on your High Definition Plasma TV, why not invest in the Remastered Complete Series? It’s the same as the Complete Fawlty Towers box set, but it’s been run through a filter, hand buffed by a video engineer to make it look clean and less old.

Or, you have a friend who has never heard of the show and you don’t want to lend them your remastered set? Why not buy them the BBC Comedy Bites version, which is the first 3 episodes from Series 1. But wait a second, it’s the same material from the separate Volume 1 DVD set. Just with a different cover.

But lastly, if you loved Series 1 more than Series 2, then you can purchase the 2 Series separately. I’ve got nothing…

Same shit – different smell.




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