Futurama Is Back – Again!

Comedy Central has turned out to be the saviour of the world by bringing back Matt Groening’s fantastic Sci-Fi series Futurama.

The 20th Century Fox animated show originally ran for 4 seasons from 1999 – 2003, before being axed due to disappointing ratings. The show was then picked up on The Cartoon Network as repeats, which rated through the roof. Due to the support of fans, Futurama was brought back as 4 direct-to-DVD movies, which were then split up into episodes, to create a “fifth” season. DVD sales were so high, Fox and Comedy Central have reinstated the show for an all new series.

To get the juices flowing, the new season picks up directly where we were left off, with Planet Express flying into a black hole.

The new season begins in the US June 24, 2010.



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