It's a Kind of Magic

When I was in my tweens/teens, I loved magic. But not just any antzy-pantzy type of David Copperfield magic. Magic with humour.

I did some memory searching, and remembered these 3 guys. They’re still around, but just not in the spotlight as much anymore.

Rudy Coby

The mad scientist / superhero / magician was the coolest magician on earth (self proclaimed). Performing in Vegas and having 2 TV show specials operated by Dick “I just won’t die!” Clark, Rudy Coby ruled the family-type entertainment, and wowed over the kids. Especially when he did he awesome hands-on-the-hips stance at the start and end of the shows.

Marty Putz

More of a prop-comic, but the way he performed was quite magical. His catchphrase was one which everyone used in everyday life (and now sadly in spam/virus related subject lines) “Hey check this out – this is the coolest!”. He’d then show his gimmick toy, and make everyone laugh, when most of the time it was obvious on what he was about to do.

The Amazing Johnathan

One of the most dodgiest magicians who played on the entire joke from quick props to actual magic, then undoing it right at the end, The Amazing Johnathan would be wholesome family fun, with a tiny bit of adult humour behind it, if you spotted it quick enough. His famous pencil-through-the-face trick was one where many people have tried to impersonate, but no one can pull it off as smoothly as him.




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