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A recent conversation that was had, was about what musical instruments represent in emotions and feelings. Electric Guitars represented drugs, alcohol, rebelliousness and the fast lane. The trombone was a penis, where you’d blow, play with your hand back and forth and release the fluid at the end of it (spit valve).

After that, the discussion didn’t get far.

However, it was brought up that the violin was quite an attractive instrument. It’s sleek, caressed and handled appropriately but with love. Plus, I’ve noticed that there are some very attractive players (violinists).

Sally Cooper – from Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Sally started appearing in the return of the 28 year old show, as part of the house band. Hiding to the background, people started to notice her, and eventually host Daryl Somers brought her to the front of the cameras to perform a solo session.

Lucia Micarelli – from Treme. Lucia had been performing on stage, toured with Josh Groban, already released 2 albums. Now the attention is all on her in the HBO series Treme, from the people who made The Wire. Lucia plays a New Orleans busker, Annie, who lives with her busking drug-addicted boyfriend (who really doesn’t deserve her).

Kerry Martin – from Godiva. The soft spoken, half-sister of Comedian Tony Martin, Kerry plays in a quartet who has played with some big name musicians and artists, like Puff Daddy/P.Diddy/whatever his fucking name is right now. Her quartet has also appeared on Australia’s Got Talent in 2007.

Bond – the other string quartet. The 1/2 British, 1/2 Australian group cross-breed classical music with dance/techno with stunning results, on the ears and on the eyes.





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