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At this present time, Australia is drowning in an all-out political war for the top job at running the country. Presently, Labor’s Julia Gillard is in charge by default after kicking former PM Kevin Rudd out on his bum, and now Liberal header Tony Abbott is in fighting mode, ready to become a fully publicised woman beater if he wins. (Lame joke, I know).

Let’s take a trip down memory lane on previous antics from former Prime Ministers, and Ministers in general.

Gough Whitlam Dismissal
Labor PM got booted by Liberal Minister Malcolm Fraser in 1975, and made his exit speech.

however, the very funny Norman Gunston, played by Garry McDonald, was right next to him, and stayed in character.

Paul Keating vs John Howard
PM at the time Keating having a go at Liberal’s Howard. Only 2 years later, Howard is in charge, becoming the 2nd longest running PM, to Sir Robert Menzies.

John Howard – sport lover
“Can’t bowl, can’t throw”. He’s a country member?

John Hewson – GST
Liberal MP John Hewson trying to explain GST. Fucking nightmare.

John Howard – GST v2
MP John Howard before he was PM, explaining how we’re NOT getting GST.

Julia Gillard – Moving Forward
Made by the team at Triple M.




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