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James Bond set a standard with spy/action genres for decades. When that franchise started growing a little weary, they changed the main lead and upped the anti once a decade. The studios ruined the 20th movie anniversary when they overdosed on CGI. During this confusing period, The Bourne trilogy was born. It went to the nitty gritty of spy action films with tough and raw fighting scenes, more explosions, and a character who wasn’t after sex, alcohol, or new gadgets – just pure justice. It was a breath of fresh air and the audience loved it. The movie executives realised this and when the Bond series got a re-boot, some people said it was Bond impersonating Bourne, who was impersonating Bond. Thumbs up for all.

Now with the Bourne trilogy finished, everyone is looking back at the Bond series. But we cannot rely on this forever. There have been a few attempts to start off a mimicked series, but there hasn’t been a decent one to boot.

Salt – is no different.

The grade A star Angelina Jolie, is Evelyn Salt – a CIA Agent who is widely popular with the team. We’re introduced to her to two years ago, while she’s being beaten up by North Korea for accusations of being a spy. When she’s traded for ‘one of theirs’, we discover that her husband – an arachnologist, helped rescue her. Fast forward to present day – she’s still with her hubby, and everything is nice and dandy. One day at the office, a scrubbed up Russian old guy turns up out of nowhere, and spills the beans on a future assassination by a Russian spy. Salt, is then named, and everything goes into shutdown. Pleading innocence, Salt escapes from the building and is on the run, in an attempt to clear her name. But as things go along the way, we discover Salt and other people aren’t as cracked up as they appear to be.

The movie was written originally with Tom Cruise as a male operative as the lead, but after a refusal, was changed to female and Jolie put in place. The storyline is full of twists and turns, but downright confusing with several plot holes opening up, and confusion that mimics the entire “face mask” revealing a la Mission Impossible 2. What the story lacks, Director Phillip Noyce tries to make up in shoot-out sequences, car crashes and the odd appearing suicide bomber scene. The length itself is way under the two hour mark, and made to look like there will possibly be a trilogy or some type of sequel or franchise made out of it. I left the cinema very annoyed – I hope you avoid doing the same. Unfortunately, because of Jolie, it’ll sell and make budget.

[xrr rating=1/5]




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