Oprah in Oz

The announcement was made that US talk show queen/dominatrix Oprah Winfrey will be taking her audience to Australia for 2 shows, later this year.

Herself and the crowd of worshippers will be spending 10 days touring the country, doing the trendy tourism stuff, then film 2 shows from Sydney’s Opera House… or as the pun has been going around as “Oprah House”.

The whole idea was created by Tourism Australia, whom conceived the idea with the NSW and VIC Government to encourage more tourism for Australia.

The bigger zing, is that Hollywood Scientologist Movie Star John Travolta, who is a fully registered pilot, will be flying the team down.

This will be the first time ever that Oprah will do her show outside of the US.

But this isn’t the first time ‘Oprah’ has been to Australia. She ‘appeared’ on The Late Show in 1992… scarily looking like her twin sister, Jane Kennedy.




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