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Regurgitator: Making No Sense


Brisbane’s The Tivoli is amazing place. Just a few streets away from the main hub of Fortitude Valley, it’s in a quiet industrial street that is enough distance away from other venues. That way, they can blast out their tones as loud as possbile, without being drowned out by a neighbour. Looking around inside The Tivoli, the walls are covered in framed posters. It oozes musical and comedic history that has stepped into the premises. They’re proud of the building. From local and unsigned bands and performers, to mainstream and international acts – they’ve performed at least once on stage.

The room is acoustically beautiful. Enough padding on the floor, with two bars on either side. Except for the overpriced drinks that’ll burn a hole in your wallet, it’s quite pleasant. As soon as the doors opened at 7:30pm, local Brisbane band Laneous & The Family Yah popped up on stage to warm up the crowd. Blending their music with the happy and entertained crowd, Laneous swooned over the well established audience, and wooed over the new crowd, especially getting the feet moving with their new tune I Am Dog.

8:30pm ticked over and the reign was handed over to Rat vs Possum. This is when the Triple J fan base started arriving, ‘thrashing’ out to their hits, such as the funky Animals and the amusing Binti Jua. The energy was oozing in the area once DJ Krush dusted off his mixing deck and Macbook to a looped music bed that lasted around 40 minutes, with slight alterations to the notes. (I’m sure he’s really awesome, but sadly, it wasn’t my type of thing). Upon looking at the crowds, who were really getting into it, the wavy dance moves were as hypnotic as the crowd at Lollapalooza in The Simpsons where Sonic Youth are playing. A few scratches and beat-mixes later, out come the band the crowd had been waiting for – Regurgitator.

Opening up to some parody footage of Star Wars, Quan, Ben and Pete cranked out a cover of the Star Wars theme, with the opening credits telling a story of the corporate world and advertising. Quan appeared with a fluffy set of bed hair, cranking out his guitar, having a chat with the audience. I felt like something was off for him, but after 20 minutes, he admitted he wasn’t feeling the best. That’s where Ben supported Quan and kept the mood going.

With a back drop of random video footage, the crowd was treated to old and new stuff for all fans. I was even impressed when FSO was cranked out at fast speed. Along with their new songs Distractions, Miranda July and Making No Sense were played, the usual songs they were known for were dished out: Polyester Girl, Black Bugs, Track 1, Kung Foo Sing, Blood & SpunkModern Formula, Hullabaloo, and a really odd version of Fat Cop, where they didn’t sing the name of the song. After the head mask wearing encore, it was time to call it a night. The midnight oil was burning at both ends.

I also bought a t-shirt. Was tempted to pick up a Quan doll, but I was sure I’d lose it travelling back home. It’s a cute little thing.

Regurgitator have still got it. I could tell it wasn’t their best night, but they still put on a show that pleased the crowd, even resulting myself from elbowing the fairly attractive brunette standing next to me. Sorry about that ma’am. I have lanky arms.

Keep an eye out for an updated website. No full albums will be released – only free digital downloads, which will be pressed into EPs for their concerts, in which you can buy when you see them in person next. A pretty good way in beating out the middle man.




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