5, 4, 3, 2… CUE IN!

Radio, TV, News and other types of media as a whole are complicated mediums. While you may think to the average person at home that it is simple chalk and cheese, there are many people working in the background. Producers, production and imaging, talent, research and content, the list goes on and on.

Channel 9 Sydney have done a great thing by recording a ‘behind the scenes’ look at various parts of the television station. From 1 studio being the home to at least 5 programs daily, to using the latest technology of green screen for what appears to be simple animation and display, but is a complicated layer of production work, Channel 9 News Australia‘s Youtube channel is a great fly-on-the-wall view of everything you see on your TV.

Here’s something that’ll tickle your media tastebuds – a 15 minute look at how the 6pm News Bulletin is done live.




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