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Boardwalk Empire

The last couple of years have seen my favourite drama TV shows come to an end. Deadwood, The WireThe Sopranos, etc. Many people turned to up and coming shows like Mad Men as a replacement. That’s all good and well, even I started to watch it. But the show is too slow paced for my liking.

Bring in a well established Actor (Steve Buscemi), a top notch award winning Director as Executive Producer (Martin Scorsese) and Actor/former Rapper as the other Executive Producer (Mark Wahlberg), grab the idea of The Sopranos, and put it into the 1920s where prohibition has kicked in and you have the gritty Boardwalk Empire.

Two episodes in of this HBO series, and it has been renewed for a second season. The premiere episode has set the new record for HBO, even beating Deadwood.




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