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Israel Cannan

Do you ever get the urge to pull up stumps and wander around Australia to find yourself?


Fine then. Be that way. I’m not talking to you then. I’m talking to the person behind you who has taste.

18 year old Israel Cannan has listened deeply and carefully to other folk characters and musicians and the result is “Letting Go” – a chilled folk rock song that was inspired by travelling around the great southern land, carrying a digital camera along the way to cover the footsteps Israel has left behind. If you enjoy Jack Johnson and Ben Harper, add this to your collection.

Not bad for an 18 year old with a guitar attached to his back!

Israel Cannan‘s debut album “Walk” is available through iTunes now. Check out his schmick website too. It won’t hurt.




Owner and Operator of Wireless Fodder.
Lover of Australian pop culture, comedy, and obscurities. Works in Australian media, enjoys a beer or three. Happily married to an American.

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