A Family Of Strangers

Influenced by hard rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and The Butterfly Effect (other than the fact that Bassist Glenn Esmond IS from The Butterfly Effect), Brisbane group A Family Of Strangers was infused during the breaks inbetween writing songs for Butterfly, thanks to the creative heart and mind of Glenn Esmond. (Have I confused you yet?)

A slight step away from Butterfly styles, Esmond plus 5 form A Family Of Strangers – an energetic hard rock band that has been built from the bottom, upwards. The single Don’t Forget (listen below) shows the solidarity and dedication that has been put into their debut EP New Techniques for Beginners And Champions (Out November 12).

Why not pick up a copy while checking out their show?

November 5: Hard Rock Cafe, Surfer’s Paradise

November 6: X&Y Bar, Brisbane (Free Entry)

November 11: Bended Elbow, Geelong

November 12: Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

November 13: Pelly Bar, Frankston

Make a date to catch up with the Family…




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