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With the 25th Anniversary celebrations this year and the Blu-Ray treatment of Back To The Future,  a new announcement for a 4th story to the BTTF series.

Here’s the cute thing – no new movie, but Doc Brown and Marty McFly are back in game form.

Still in early stages, the BTTF game storyline is set 6 months after BTTF Part 3, where Marty returns from the Wild West to his present time, where Doc stayed behind after finding true love with Clara Clayton. Life was getting back to normal, then, out of nowhere, Doc returns in the DeLorean to begin another adventure.

Christopher Lloyd has returned to lend his vocals, however, Michael J Fox did not return, but the replacement guy does an uncanny impersonation.

No due date or what platforms it’s due out on as yet, though for the price, it may be for iPhone or something basic. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

You can pre-order the game on the official Telltale Games site, as well as watch the other 2 videos.



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