Cameos Galore part Deux

Okay, I’m light on this topic, and I’m following up on a previous cameo post. But have you ever wondered what made a music video so special? Not the effects – but the cameos.

John Farnham – Seemed Like A Good Idea

After appearing in The Late Show for a sketch, John employed Working Dog (formerly D-Generation) to appear in his video. Hilarious results entail.

GANGgajang – Hundreds Of Languages

A song written about Aboriginals losing their historical vocal past, Aussie band GANGgajang wrote what started as a poem, turning it into a delightful song. What better way to promote language by using Australian TV news readers, which deliver messages to everyone Australia wide. Cameos by Richard Morecroft, George Negus, Jeff MacMullen, Stan Grant and more.

The 12th Man – Marvellous

Okay, not a visual cameo, but Billy Birmingham did employ the talents of Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Glenn Shorrock and Mark “Diesel” Lizotte , all the while impersonating Cricket Commentator Richie Benaud. Marvellous effort that!




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