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Handful of reasons why… Moby is cool

A walk on my way home, I completely tuned out of the world when one of Moby’s songs played on my iPhone. All the noise cancelled out around me. I was in paradise.

It then hit me how absolutely cool this guy is.

Here’s just a handful – not all – just a handful of reasons that make Moby, cool.

The following points aren’t in any particular order either.

* He has more than one stage name.

Other than the fact his real name is Richard Hall, he goes under various stage names Voodoo Child, Schaumgummi.. and Moby.

* He’s related to the famous whale.

Well, kind of. He has ancestry links to Herman Melville – the author of the classic Moby Dick. His parents called him Moby as a nickname.

* His music is in your favourite movie / TV show.

When his album “Play” became a huge commercial success, many rights to his music were sold, giving production houses perfect opportunity to expand his music into mainstream TV and movies.
X-Files: The episode “All Things“, written by Gillian Anderson, has The Sky Is Broken played throughout the entire episode. It was the first ‘commercial’ song that has been used in its entirety in The X-Files. In the episode “Closure“, My Weakness is used during the spiritual finding of Mulder’s sister, Samantha.

The Bourne trilogy: The entire Bourne trilogy starring Matt Damon uses the song Extreme Ways, from the album “18” as its closing theme.
Gone In 60 Seconds: Straight into it – the opening credits with Flower – from “Play – The B Sides” album.

James Bond: Moby did a schmick cover remix of the James Bond theme for the Pierce Brosnan Bond era.

Twin Peaks: I nearly forgot to mention that in the early days, Moby sampled and remixed the theme to Twin Peaks, called “Go”. He’s great friends with Twin Peaks creator David Lynch.

* Cameo!!

In 1996 – MTV released its first major movie picture starring Jerry O’Connell – Joe’s Apartment. Somewhat of a cult favourite, Moby appears as a hair DJ in a underground band bar scene, scratching vinyl. (7:20 in)

* Featuring Blue Man Group.

Even though Moby has collaborated with Deborah Harry, Gwen Stefani and more, performing with Blue Man Group at the 2001 Grammy Awards with a blow-away performance is second to none.

* He owned a cafe all about Tea.

From 2002 up until June 2009, Moby had co-owned a cafe called “TeaNY” with his ex-girlfriend, serving many varieties of tea and vegan foods. It’s still situated in New York, where he’s known to still drop in from time to time.

* Twitter / Blogger / Vlogger.

A strong passion for politics and an awesome sense of humour, Moby tweets, blogs, and makes video as much as he possibly can.

So I’m scratching the surface. There’s also a bunch of celebs he’s “dated” such as Natalie Portman, but that should stick to the gossip pages.

.. and that’s why I think Moby is cool.



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