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Two Hours Traffic

Hailing all the way from Charlottetown, Canada,  Two Hours Traffic have released Territory – a collection of sunny pop gems that will warm the cockles of your heart, but also rupture or dislodge the odd cluster that’s blocked in your system.

Filled with 11 songs and 4 bonus tracks, you’re hit with some “not too heavy, not too light” tones of Noisemaker, which get you set up for the energy filling tracks to follow suit. But, just as you think it’ll follow on the pattern, Wicked Side changes the mood, giving the atmospheric feeling of sitting back on the comfy lounge, staring into the funky coloured painting hanging up on the wall. You will end up going ‘along for the ride’ (you’ll realise that’s a pun when you hear it). Just as you’re used to being chilled, the title track Territory will snap you back into gear, giving the signature tone that will show why the album is called what it is.

Looking at the other names of the tracks (Alcohol, Wicked Side), it nearly paints an image that you could delve or explore into the up-and-coming, but when you get to Sing A Little Hymn, you realise there’s more happiness and hope out there. It’s close to a mood swing style album which could play on your emotions, but captivating at the same time.

The one that got my attention was Weightless One, which has a harmony that catches your breath with matching vocals and guitar.

Two Hours Traffic are currently on tour around Adelaide, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Brisbane / Gold Coast. Check out more information on their official site or look them up on Moshtix.



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