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Christmas Comedy Classics

Stuck in a rut on what to give for christmas? I have that dilemma all the time. A year older, the less and less you can easily think of a present for someone. Most of the time, you just get them to buy their own gift, while reimbursing later.

Instead of giving them their favourite single or album from the current disposable pop singer, why not give them a comedy album? This way, you can put up with it in the car or blasting from your stereo at your family luncheon.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

DAAS – The Last Concert

Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson, and Richard Fidler ran a riot in the late 80s – early 90s with Doug Anthony All Stars. Their disturbing take on events of the time, with complete smut, violence, taboo, all while singing merrily with Richard on acoustic guitar make the downright dirty, into something which could easily sound like a children’s song. The Last Concert was their break-up album. Only recently, the cause of the break-up was due to an illness with Tim Ferguson. A shame though, since the young audience that comes with Paul McDermott’s Good News Week leaks into McDermott’s past work, developing new fans.

Monty Python Sings

While Monty Python’s Flying Circus has a few dozen albums, Monty Python Sings is a highlight as most of the well known songs that are absolute cult classics (Lumberjack Song, Spam, Always Look On The Bright Side of Life), there are other ones which didn’t get as much exposure, but are pure gold (Oliver Cromwell, Medical Love Song, I’m So Worried). I really don’t need to sell this too much to you – the Pythons sell themselves.

The 12th Man – Boned!

Comedian Billy Birmingham wasn’t going to make this final album. The original plan was “The Final Dig?” was going to be the last. But, thanks to Eddie McGuire’s slip of the firing “boned” tongue, Birmingham brilliantly put pen to paper and came out with the final FINAL album – now with the headphones officially hung up. All the classic characters are there covering the cricket – Richie Benaud, Bill Lawry, Tony Greig… with a few added extras. This album is not only funny, it pays homage to the previous ones in a special way.

Shaun Micallef – His Generation

If you don’t know Shaun Micallef‘s humour, other than his appearance in Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, you’re going to be confused. Brilliantly confused. Take the humour of Monty Python, Cook & Moore, throw in some Peter Sellers, and a dash of original Micallef, and you have this album. Complete with impersonations, singing impersonations, and impersonations singing impersonations impersonating impersonations (hint: Christopher Walken singing ‘Fashion’) and Charlton Heston, you have a surefire winner. Then again, you should already own this album by now.

That should get you started. Just don’t die laughing before you give them as presents.

That’s if you decide to keep them for yourself… I won’t blame you.




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