Hot N Moe


In an absolute biggest homage / tribute / parody / satire to The Muppet Show, the Producers of The Simpsons have upped the anti with their upcoming Christmas special.¬†With 4 integrated christmas themed stories from Bart, Lisa, Marge and Maggie, Katy Perry makes a cameo as Moe’s girlfriend in one of the stories. However, not in animated form.

As Maggie sleeps, she dreams of a muppet style story where the family goes to Hawaii. Moe appears after Homer puts the call out for a house sitter, in which he calls his girlfriend. Later on, it is revealed that Katy Perry is dating the muppet version of Moe.

Appearing in a tight red latex dress with The Simpsons heads stuck on the lower half, this is a stab at the previous debacle that had Katy Perry in hot water with Sesame Street, where parents were disgruntled with her revealing too much cleavage.

In all honesty – it’s a terrific episode!!



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