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Let It B Grade

One hit wonders. Twin Peaks. Cheers. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. ‘Allo ‘Allo. Baywatch. Melrose Place. Top Gun. Do they all ring a bell? You probably own them on DVD or CD somewhere in your collection. But someone who starred in those or produced them – have you seen them lately?

Well, you may be in luck here.

Norwegian TV show Gylne Tider (translated to “Golden Times”) is a similar style show to “Where Are They Now?”, but themed based on certain eras. When you begin to watch it, you will start thinking “Oh yeah, I remember Ricki Lake / Roger Moore / Jason Alexander…”, then more faces start appearing. Then more, then moooooooore. Then for the whole 6 minute block – they’re singing a 3 minute song of The Beatles classic “Let It Be“.

It’s amusing to watch as you’ll discover “oh, I thought they were dead!” (sadly, one who appears in it now is – Leslie Nielsen).

You’ll just have to put up with the bad lip syncing and off-key notes.




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