Martin and Kavalee's Summer Lovin'

The comedic stylings of Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee are back on radio. Well, it’s radio related so far.

‘Get This’ – a radio comedy show that was on Triple M from 2006 – 2007 developed a huge cult following, with running jokes, mannerisms, contagious sound bites, and sizzle to go with the traction and cut-through. Originally beginning as just Tony Martin with co-anchor Ed Kavalee who was originally meant to panel the show, Get This expanded its wares to include panel operator Richard Marsland, who outshone both of them in it’s latter year. Unfortunately, in 2008, Marsland passed away under terrible circumstances.

While all the shows were recorded by fans and leaked into the interwebs, Get This still manages to survive to this day. (Just YouTube the key words and you’ll find sketches) For ages, fans wanted the show or some type of Martinesque comedy on radio – and now we have it.

Thanks to Nova FMMartin and Kavalee (along with their Get This audio producer Pots N Pans) have started a new podcast only show – Nova’s Summer Lovin’.

At time of print, there was one show already in the can (split into 2 parts), and within a minute of listening to the beginning, it already oozes Get This-isms. Former Cricketer-cum-talk show host Shane Warne was a running joke on Get This with a simple Advanced Hair sound bite “There’s only one thing that concerns me, and that’s hair loss”, and straight away, an audio clip from his new TV show Warnie has been used.

To listen / download, subscribe to the podcast or listen online at Nova’s site.

Here endeth – the sizzle.

PS: Martin & Kavalee also have a new TV show starting on Channel 9 in 2011 – The Joy Of Sets. Keep an eye out.



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