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Mr Squiggle's Last Sketch

For over 40 years on Australian Television, Mr Squiggle entertained children and adults of all ages. A string puppet who came from the moon, with a lead pencil for a nose and had the ambition to ride his rocket to earth so he can draw doodles on a cardboard display that was placed in front of his pal, Blackboard, has drawn his last doodle.

Norman Hetherington, the puppeter who created Mr Squiggle, Gus the Snail, and Bill the Steam Shovel, has passed away at age 89. Beginning as a cartoonist, working freelance for newspapers, got lucky with the ABC with Mr Squiggle, beginning as a temporary fill-in show. the popularity picked up and 40 years later, the final episode was broadcasted a week after it first started – ending in 1999.

Only last year, Mr Squiggle celebrated his 50th birthday. The puppets are currently on display at the Melbourne Centre of Moving Image.




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