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Star Wars Holiday Special

Back in 1978, when everything was hunky-doorey. People were on the pipe, disco was in, Star Wars dominated the cinemas.

… and for some reason, some silly bastard decided to make a spin-off of the highly successful science fiction franchise: The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Now, you can’t exactly blame George Lucas for this abomination. Reports were that he had very little to this production piece, especially the end result. But, you can have a go with the cast, as pretty much every original cast member appears in the direct-to-TV film.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, singing her lung capacity out, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, repairing his X-Wing, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, sitting comfortably in the Millenium Falcon seats that look like where ripped out of an extra’s car from the carpark, Chewbacca using a computer system that nearly resembles arcade machine Pong, which was top notch gaming at the time… oh, and Darth Vader.

Words cannot describe how awfully bad it is. Better yet, how about you watch it below? (iPad users, sorry, you have to use a computer to view).

In a recent interview, Carrie Fisher has been quoted, saying that when George Lucas approached her for DVD commentary for the Star Wars films, she asked for a copy of the special as part payment. At least the cast sees the humour in it – George Lucas doesn’t. (Howard The Duck, anyone?)




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