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Duke Nukem Forever

After years of stalling, bankrupcy, ownership changes, staffing shortages and shit being flung left, right and centre, the biggest cock-tease in gaming history has finally got a release date.

The gun-tooting, stripper-career supporting, attitude growling, fowl-mouthed, perverted hero of the gaming generation, Duke Nukem, has been brought back to life and modernised for today’s game play.

Originally 3D Realms had control of developing the game for years, until some lawsuits and pitfalls made them hand over the reigns to Gearbox Software in 2009, which have now polished off the title with a release date of May 6 2011.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to continue to kick arse and chew bubble gum again.

Duke has certainly come a long way since my experience with him on my IBM 486 DX 4100 with 8MB RAM and 750MB HDD.

Site: Official Duke Nukem



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