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Presidential Reunion

Many of your favourite comedic actors had their start somewhere. Some people don’t realise that the historic TV show Saturday Night Live was the stepping stone for MANY comedians. There have been plenty who have come in and out the 35 year old door, some disappearing into oblivion, some hitting the big time. Some as well come back to guest host an episode, which is considered an honour.

It’s a rarity to get the legends of SNL in one room, but thanks to Will Ferrell‘s pulling power of FunnyOrDie, it was done. A few months ago, a sketch was produced based on the Consumer Finance Protection Agency debacle. US President Barack Obama could overturn the fiasco, but not without a fight.

Allow George W Bush (Ferrell), Ronald Reagan (Jim Carrey), George Bush Snr (Dana Carvey), Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd), Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) and Gerald Ford (Chevy Chase) explain.




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