Ted the Homeless Voice is heard

The unfortunate case in today’s society is that there are many people who are homeless. Broke. Down on their luck. Sometimes it is a self-doing scenario, sometimes it’s pure bad luck and timing. There are many reasons why people end up homeless. In Ted Williams’s case, it was a series of bad choices in life.

While every person has their own special talent or skill to anyone else, Williams was spotted on the corner of I-71 and Hudson Street (for the retentive – Silver Drive & E Hudson in Columbus, USA) due to a unique sign:

Ted & his sign

Williams is a homeless guy who, what we may believe did have a stunning career, was overtaken by drugs and alcohol, as per his story. The Columbus Dispatch approached Williams, capturing his golden voice from this former voice over artist.

Once this video hit the intertubes, within 2 days, the video hit over a million views, with messages of support and even a fan base on Facebook to get this guy a job. Stories circulating are that he has some interviews lined up at some radio stations nearby. We wish him all the best.

If only everyone was as lucky – being homeless is not good at all. Never judge a book by its cover.

UPDATE: Ted was interviewed by CBS breakfast TV, and also appears to have received a job too. Well done! Video here.




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