iKarl 2.0 Short Circuits Again

You can leave it up to the Today team to put a spring in your step for breakfast. Sometimes it can be on purpose, sometimes it’s pure accidental.

From the early morning shift on Channel 9, I often wonder what goes through Co-Host Lisa Wilkinson‘s head when Co-Host Karl Stefanovic (or his birth name of iKarl 2.0) has a data corruption and nearly formats himself with the incorrect data error of choice.

iKarl 2.0 loses the plot when what starts off as an innocent conversation on storing weapons near the bed to protect yourself from intruders, goes into odd descriptions, where iKarl 2.0 nearly starts downloading internet mind porn after misunderstanding certain things…


But it’s not the first time this has happened. iKarl 2.0 got alcohol and wasn’t rebooted from his partying during the 2010 Logie Awards.


Not to forget, the demonstration on playing the Wii.


I think someone needs a firmware upgrade. Just sayin’…




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