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Moby Is The One

From the studios of New York, electronic / gospel / raver / DJ / blogger / Entertainer Moby has laid down some wicked tracks for his latest release, Destroyed.

To tease and tantalise your earbuds, Moby has released “The One” EP for free from his official site.

Consisting of three high quality mp3s, it’s only a sample of what is to come. The lead track Be The One has the signature stylings of electronic synth and harmonies, with a touch of the raw drums and rockesque melodies that Moby is known for.

But don’t take my word for it – submit your e-mail address to receive the link to download.

Get to it, before it’s no longer available.

Moby is also touring in a few months, so check out the dates and areas he’s covering as well.




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